About Us

We didn’t start off as farmers.

We don’t have land.

We don’t even have a cow…


But we do have an unwavering passion for making unique cheeses with the best local produce.


We’re urban cheesemakers. We work with farmers who produce top-notch milk, so we can focus on perfecting our technique. To give you the highest quality cheese in the heart of the city.


We are an artisan cheesemaking business based in Neepsend, Sheffield.  

Here is our story.....

  • Christmas Day 2016 - Sophie was gifted a 1-day cheesemaking workshop at the Artisan Cookery School on the Welbeck Estate.

  • February 2017 -  she resigned from her IT Consulting job

  • March 2017 - her journey to become a full-time cheesemaker began

  • September 2017 - Little Mester went into production as a busy 6 months attending several professional cheesemaking courses, meeting many cheesemakers across the UK, building a mini cheesemaking factory to EHO standards.

  • June 2017 - Natalie joins as a full time apprentice Cheesemaker working with us alongside studying for a BSc Food Production Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.


As well as making 300+ cheeses a week we also sell other Artisan Cheeses, provide street style food during Monthly Peddler's Markets, host monthly cheese & wine/beer evenings, create funky cheese wedding cakes and teach how to make cheese at our own workshops.....phew!

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